Living Sacrifice

Thursday, September 07, 2006


The jobless is now phoneless. Well, ok, so neither one of those is completely true. I do have an on-the-side babysitting/housekeeper job right now, and my phone still works, but in about 3 days, my phone plan runs out, so I just wanted to let all of my lovely friends know that you will no longer be able to get a hold of me by cellie, at least for a while. So, other options for getting a hold of me include:

1. emailing me (
2. sending me an instand message (birch2201)
3. messaging me on myspace (
4. messaging me on facebook (
5. leaving me a comment on this blog
6. Write me a letter (you'll have to email me to ask for an address)
6. calling me at the Meloys house (if it's important to you to have this number, just email me and I will email it to you)

Wow, thank God for modes of communication. I'll be without a phone, but you can still reach me 7 different ways! ;)


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