Living Sacrifice

Monday, September 04, 2006

Taking Time

This morning, because of the recommendation of a friend to do something I normally wouldn't take time for, I decided to get up early and drive to the south side of Cinci, where I watched the sun rise. Well, sort of. It was too cloudy to actually see the sun, but it was still really beautiful. Like I told my friend, I often forget how peaceful and amazing the mornings are and how much I love them until I actually get up and experience it once again. This morning was especially tranquil, because most people were still in their houses because of the holiday. There wasn't much traffic at all, and the weather was just perfect for rolled-down windows. Almost too cold, but not quite. Perfect. :)

So, I enjoyed my morning. I even made a new friend....sort of. He was cleaning the park and wanted me to send him a few pics that I took. So, I got his name and addy and will send some off soon. All around, I wish I could start my day like that every morning. Lovely.


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