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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quote and Prayer Request

This is a quote from my friend Matthew. I changed a couple spelling errors and such, but the rest is his. I love it.

"Music is about conveying emotions. If you can make someone feel what you're feeling, you're a great musician. Technical skill is not the gauge for musicianship, it's how we connect with ourselves and lead others in the experience."

And, pretty much unrelated to that at all is a prayer request. Please pray for Sheila, TJ's mom. I think she is just really down right now because of lack of mobility, and so it's really hard for her to be happy when she is so shut in and barely gets out at all anymore. She has also fallen several times over the last couple weeks, which I know brings her spirit down even more. Please pray that God would encourage her in whatever way will mean something to her and brighten her life and spirit right now. She is such a beautiful woman, and she needs to know right now that she has a purpose and touches so many people, even if she can't get around well.

Thanks, my beloved devoted blog readers. You rock my world. :)


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