Living Sacrifice

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Well, I decided tonight that it's just been way too long since I've posted anything, so I need to write SOMETHING at least.

The weather tonight is AMAZING. I wish it would stay like this for a really long time: upper 40s at night, upper 70s during the day (could even be a little cooler during the day). It's wonderful weather for camping and being outside, for crisp morning walks or jogs, for enjoying the outdoors without thinking about being too cold or too hot. Just wonderful. Thank the Lord for fall and spring, because otherwise I might not make it through parts of winter and summer. :)

I read about a campaign today going on in October on campus (and I think it's connected to a nation-wide thing) called "Truth in Beauty." It sounds really interesting.....all about getting away from society's created image of women and what they should look like, and finding beauty in being who we were created to be. Of course, I'm always thinking about this issue, but to see people really continuing to attempt to bring it to light is refreshing. Being bitter and hateful, though, is really easy to do, and so I've got to be careful to have a spirit of love, but I think overall, this campaign is really good for women, especially on campuses like Miami. I hope to get to check out some of the stuff going on in October.

Hmmmmm........I really like this Compassion book......very thought-provoking. The latest provoke: realizing that true compassion (and really, all the other fruits of the spirit) can only come from God, and no matter how hard we try to ACHIEVE them, they are not truly achievable, because our hearts will always be in the wrong place in one way or another. They must be placed on our hearts by a living God who is able to change us from the inside out. THAT'S SO HARD, because all I want to do is say "I can do this, I want to be nicer, love more, have more compassion, sacrifice myself more" and just do it, but even if I was able to do that, my heart wouldn't be pure. why we need Jesus to transform. why I need Jesus. Like, really NEED Him. Whew.