Living Sacrifice

Monday, February 27, 2006

Normally when my mom starts snapping pictures, I get super-annoyed. This time around, though, I was happy for her to get pictures, and I'm soooooo glad she took quite a few of Friday night. These aren't all of them, but a good majority of them are on here, and I just absolutely love some of these pictures of my friends and family. So, Mom, thanks for being persistent and taking pictures for me. I'm very grateful.

Spenny wearing Doug's sweet newspaper boy hat.

The sound board master.

My fans. :)

More pals.

I'm going to miss these girls.

A few pics of the performance.

My dear McKenzie.

And last but not least, my buddy Doug. The theater baked me a cake that had a trail on it with animals and a tent and everything. And they all pitched in to buy me another pair of hiking shoes to ship to myself when the others wear out. :) I feel loved.

I am leaving in a week.......I'm leaving in a week.......

Friday Night

So Friday night........I thought it went well, considering that we had a haunted sound board and I was extremely nervous. Christi and Justin both did amazing (thanks so much!!!), and Glenn was a life-saver running the sound board. Everyone was so willing to pitch in and help, too, so we had the stuff set up and tore down in no time. So many of my friends from over the years here in Oxford came to see me play, and it meant a lot. Little Lace even came, and she acted like she really wanted to be there. That made me feel really loved. And Doug......well......he got me to sing "No Scrubs" at the end in front of everyone, which I hadn't planned on doing..... *laugh* It was funny. I'm told there were people dancing over by the windows. Sweet.

So I ask myself: what did I learn? Well, 2 things I think. 1: I don't think that playing in front of people is worth all the nervousness I go through, so I either need to never play in front of people again or figure out how not to be nervous (probably the former) and 2. It is better to play songs the audience knows and/or that are upbeat rather than songs that have a significant meaning to me or something. "Crowd pleasers" are important in getting the audience into the music, and I mostly picked songs that no one knew or were slower. I like songs mostly because of their lyrics, but when you play in front of people, I'm sure they must mostly pay attention to the music rather than the lyrics. So....that's an important lesson for me. Which, for me, takes away from the desire to perform, because I don't want it to really be about "pleasing" the crowd. I want music to be from my heart. So, I might just stick to writing and recording songs every once-in-a-while for friends and family as I have done in the past. I think that's what I enjoy most, because then the music and lyrics mean something to the person, and they mean something to me, too.

While I was home for a very brief moment tonight, Mom showed me some pics she took during and after the show. Some of them are pretty darn sweet, and I plan on posting some when I get them downloaded from my mom. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006


You would think that after living for 23 and a half years on this earth and constantly being around people that I would have a better understanding of relationships and how to interact. But you know.....I struggle. As Vir pointed out, I don't express emotions much....I hold everything in. And it not only affects me, but it affects the other people in my relationships.

I think this has a lot to do with my family life. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my family, and I think my parents did a heck of a job raising 4 kids. They couldn't have done better. But I think maybe our house lacked some open communication....a lack of emotional expression.....and so I haven't really learned exactly how to overcome the social walls and barriers I have been building over the years. Sometimes I feel like I have some HUGE walls.

So anyway, this leads up to some hang-out time I had with Megan yesterday. I just want to say that it was AMAZING, and that God's love just pours out of that girl. We played basketball and talked. I felt comfortable talking to her about some things that I haven't really talked to anyone about, and she listened so well, and had some really encouraging words for me. She's more than I can express in words, and sometimes I wonder how in the world I get such great friends who love me so much. I just don't understand it sometimes. No matter how crappy I am, they still love me and are willing to work through things with me. My friends have grace for me......maybe that's what I have trouble understanding. Grace.

I have also become aware (or rather, more aware, because I knew before, it's just more acute now) of how I hurt my friends by not keeping in touch better. People call me, and I often take days to call them back, or don't call them at all. It's the same with my parents....I don't really keep in touch. It's not that I don't love my friends. In fact, I don't really know why I don't keep in touch better.....I guess I get lazy or too self-centered. So, I am working on being a better friend in that way. I kind of picked a bad time, since I am leaving in a little over a week, but I hope to keep in touch some while on the trail as well, and then work on it really hard when I get back.

So, I have had relationships on the brain lately. Working through some things. Learning in the process. It's hard sometimes. But what isn't? And the end result is always worth the effort. My friends and family are amazing. I'm so thankful.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Other Pic

This is the other pic I have hanging at Kofenya.

And my little brother just played an improv "Miami University Blues" on the guitar in front of me. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

After Hours

Some of my best times at the theater have been after hours. This was one of those nights. Megan and I went up to the marquee to take pictures of me so I could put together a poster for Friday. Man I love that girl. She took over 100 pictures!!! We had a ball. And we laughed a lot. And I got to climb on the Princess sign and also have my name on the marquee. It was definitely a good night. :)

I called this my Back Street Boys pose.

Being silly.

Look! I'm on top of the sign! AND....this is much scarier than it looks.

Megan makes me laugh. A lot. :)

Anyway, none of these are in my top picks, so when I decide on my final picture, I'll be sure to post it.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Since I changed my template, all of my links and comments were erased. I have been too lazy to add links back into my template, so for now, until I get around to it, here are the links I could remember from my list, and maybe a few more.

One of my favorite websites

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Raw Fish

Tonight, Jared and I took the trek down to inner Cincinnati to engage in a fabulous meal at Sushi Ray. For the first time in my life, I purposely consumed raw fish. It was delicious. We had several different kinds of sushi containing such delicacies as avocados, cooked eel, fried shrimp, salmon, and caviar, among other things. I also learned that you can't cut a piece of sushi in half because 1. I think it breaks some kind of sushi rule and 2. It falls apart. So, if your piece of sushi is too big to fit in your mouth, too bad. Do it anyway. :) I felt pretty silly. OH, I almost forgot. I also got to try green tea ice cream. Interesting. Very interesting.

I was also treated to homemade white and milk chocolate (Ghirardelli Chocolate) covered strawberries and one of my favorite movies, Crash. It was a beautiful evening. Life doesn't get much better than chocolate-covered strawberries and a great movie with a fantastic guy.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Packin it

I packed everything into my backpack today and went to weigh it at the tri center. It was 33 pounds. I was, I'd say, pleasantly surprised, although that isn't going to cut it probably, since I still have my guitar to put on it (approx. 3 lbs), water (approx. 8lbs), more food (probably 4 lbs), and a few odds and ends like batteries (probably another 2 lbs in all). Wow, that's.....48 pounds. Yeah, I have some cutting to do. I'd say my goal for now is 40lbs and no more, and even that is on the heavy side if you talk to other thru hikers. I like this, though. It's a challenge to be innovative. :) I'll let you know when I get everything packed away and done with what my final result is. And I'll prolly take a picture.

Also, I was at the tri today working out listening to rebellious female music, and it really made me want to go hit some softballs. Anyone want to hit the batting cages with me this week???


Last night, I had a dream about hiking the trail. That was different. I liked it. :)

I got a really long email from my friend Justin this morning, and it was really sweet. He mentioned that in the beginning when I decided to hike the trail, I was super excited, but that now I seem sad about everything. I guess maybe he's right. I have a lot of mixed feelings now about a lot of things, and I sort of have this sick feeling in my stomach almost all the time. This is me thinking too much about things.....and feeling a certain level of guilt about things.....and me not knowing what the future holds....and me struggling with my relationships with people and with God.

I'm glad Justin pointed this out, though, because I should be excited. And I think I still am, I just sort of forgot. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me, and I know that though it is going to be hard at parts, it's going to be a really amazing experience, and I'm ready for that. I'm looking forward to learning to live simply without a bunch of "stuff." I'm looking forward to playing my guitar in the mountains. I'm looking forward to spending time with God that I have been missing over the past months. And I'm also looking forward to coming home and seeing the people that I love.

Thanks, Justin, for reminding me that life isn't always a drag like I make it out to be sometimes. Life is hard, but it's fun and exciting, too. Like jumping in puddles late at night in the rain, right? :)

Monday, February 13, 2006


In exactly 3 weeks and a couple hours, I will be on a bus heading toward Gainesville, Georgia, where I will be shuttled to Amicalola State Park to begin the hike up the 8-mile approach trail to Springer Mountain. This is to some extent what is going through my head:

What in the world am I doing??

I don't know what I'm doing. I'm ready to go only because I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I stayed. It's a weird feeling. And thoughts of being worthless are continuously running through my head.....I feel like I will never accomplish anything significant in my life because I don't know how to use what I have. I can get A's in school, I can get a degree, I can play a few instruments, I can thread a movie, and that's about it. And I feel like I don't know what to do because I feel like I am losing the most significant part of my life, and that is my relationship with God. I am realizing more and more that I am slipping, and the more I slip, the more I realize I am nothing without Him. I really don't even know who I am anymore. I don't know what defines me. I feel like I often just adapt myself and become what everyone around me wants me to be. That's kind of scary.

I don't know who I am.

And I'm leaving in 3 weeks.


Charter Day Ball

Before the dance.

At the dance.

My crazy date. :)

Shirley and I. Shirley is so cute! :)

Members of the "oh so studly" club. :) This is Jared with his friend Bradly.

One of my favorite Kofenya people. :)

My chauffeur. :)

Jared's friend Bradly's girlfriend dancing with Jared. Yeah, I'm jealous. :) Just kidding.

As far as I can tell, I don't know anyone in this picture, but I wanted to get a shot of the white chocolate fountain around which everyone was swarming. It was pretty sweet.....get it? know, sweet, like chocolate? har har har

My pals. :)

this is an audio post - click to play

this is an audio post - click to play

Sunday, February 12, 2006

What a Stud

Sometime when I have had more sleep, I will post more pictures. But I had to post at least one before bed. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Today, I will be girlified.

Make-up and dresses and hair....oh my! ;)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My two favorite quotes of the day:

"Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else's movies?" -from the movie Ed Wood

"Does stuttering count as a handicap?" -Doug (when we were trying to find a parking place today)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

These don't really need any explanations. :)

Last night, I had the privilege of playing music with two of my favorite people. We set up the sound system and everything. That brings back so many memories of the Veritas band.....*sigh* It was amazing. Making music with friends is something beyond what I can describe. As I told Justin the other day, live music, in many ways, "feeds my soul."

Thanks Glenn and Christi. I look forward to playing again soon......And making beautiful music, mistakes and all. :)

OK, off to babysit!

It's hard to believe it is February already. Geesh.

AND.....I had a dream about camping on the AT last night. It was wonderful. :)

Oh, and just a side note: all the times I mention "shelters," these are 3-sided structures in the woods along the trail. I do not really plan on staying in the shelters. I may camp around them because there will be others to keep me company. But for the most part, I used the shelters just as a general reference point so I could calculate distances. This also goes for days when I have 3 miles one day and then 25 miles the next. I will probably find a place to camp somewhere in between, rather than literally hiking 3 miles and then 25 miles. Again, I just mostly used this as a reference point.

By request, I am posting my schedule finally. This is what I am giving out to peeps to look at. It is a little messy doing the copy and paste thing, so if you would like a copy that is a little more readable and tangible, just let me know and I will be more than happy to print you a copy.

The following is all information that will be needed for curious people who want to know where I will be during the months of March-July. This is a tentative itinerary, and will be subject to change. I have plans to update my voicemail while on the trail, so if you are wondering how far behind or ahead I am, check that periodically while I am gone. I will be able to get messages from my phone as well, so you can leave me some love if you want. If you are interested in hiking a part of the trail with me, please look over my schedule and figure out which part you would like to do, and then give me your name, number, address, and location where you would like to meet me, and I will get a hold of you a few days before I arrive at that spot.

Contact info: 513-839-0973, and I may be able to check email periodically. Use

All letters and packages should be addressed as follows:

Please Hold for Northbound AT Thru Hiker
Kim Birchfield
Expected Date of Arrival: __/__/__

All letters and packages should also be sent 1 week prior to expected arrival date. If an address says "general delivery" and then the city and state, it will be held at the post office in that city. You are also welcome to call and inform me if you sent anything if you want to make sure I get it. I will be visiting all the locations listed below in my schedule because I will be picking up my food packages there.

- Mon, MAR 6: Depart from Cincinnati, Ohio Greyhound Station at 8:30pm

1. Tues, MAR, 7: Arrive in Gainesville, Georgia 9:20am
Shuttle to Amicalola State Park, approx 11am (770) 312-7342 Josh

S: Visitor's Center, Amicalola
F: Springer Mt Shelter 9.9 mi

2. Wed, MAR 8: S: Springer Mt Shelter
F: Horse Gap 9.8 mi

3. Thus, MAR 9: S: Horse Gap
F: Woody Gap 9.9 mi

4. Fri, MAR 10 S: Woody Gap
F: Blood Mountain Shelter 13.4 mil

5. Sat, MAR 11 S: Blood Mountain Shelter
To: Neels Gap
Kim Birchfield
Neels Gap
9710 Gainesville Hwy
Blairsville, GA 30512 2.4 mi
F: Whitley Gap Shelter 5.2 mi

6. Sun, MAR 12 S: Whitley Gap Shelter
F: Blue Mountain Shelter 11.6 mi

7. Mon, MAR 13 S: Blue Mountain Shelter
F: Deep Gap Shelter 14.8 mi

8. Tues, MAR 14 S: Deep Gap Shelter
F: Muskrat Creek Shelter 15.1 mi (GA/NC line)

9. Wed, MAR 15 S: Muskrat Creek Shelter
F: Carter Gap Shelter 12.5 mi

10. Thurs, MAR 16 S: Carter Gap Shelter
F: Siler Bald Shelter 19.6 mi

11. Fri, MAR 17 S: Siler Bald Shelter
F: Wesser Bald Shelter 17.9 mi

12. Sat, MAR 18 S: Wesser Bald Shelter
F: Nantahala Outdoor Center
Kim Birchfield
Nantahala Outdoor Center
13077 Hwy 19W
Bryson City, NC 28713 5.7 mi

13. Sun, MAR 19 S: NOC
F: Brown Fork Gap Shelter 16 mi

14. Mon, MAR 20 S: Brown Fork Gap Shelter
F: Fontana Dam Shelter 12.7 mi

15. Tues, MAR 21 S: Fontana Dam Shelter
F: Mollies Ridge Shelter 11.3 mi

16. Wed, MAR 22 S: Mollies Ridge Shelter
F: Double Spring Gap Shelter 18.9 mi

17. Thurs, MAR 23 S: Double Spring Gap Shelter
F: Icewater Spring Shelter 13.8 mi

18. Fri, MAR 24 S: Icewater Spring Shelter
F: Tri-Corner Knob Shelter 12.6 mi

19. Sat, MAR 25 S: Tri-Corner Knob Shelter
F: Davenport Gap Shelter 14.8 mi

20. Sun, MAR 26 S: Davenport Gap Shelter
F: Roaring Fork Shelter 17.9 mi Waterville School Road (hostel)

21. Mon, MAR 27 S: Roaring Fork Gap Shelter
F: Deer Park Mountain Shelter 15.6 mi

22. Tues, MAR 28 S: Deer Park Mountain Shelter
F: Hot Springs
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Hot Springs, NC 28743 3.2 mi

23. Wed, MAR 29 S: Hot Springs
F: Spring Mountain Shelter 11 mi

24. Thurs, MAR 30 S: Spring Mountain Shelter
F: Flint Mountain Shelter 21.3 mi

25. Fri, MAR 31 S: Flint Mountain Shelter
F: Low Gap 14.9 mi

26. Sat, APR 1 S: Low Gap
F: No Business Knob Shelter 14.5 mi

27. Sun, APR 2 S: No Business Knob Shelter
F: Curley Maple Gap Shelter 10.5 mi

28. Mon, APR 3 S: Curley Maple Gap Shelter
F: Cherry Gap Shelter 12.2 mi

29. Tues, APR 4 S: Cherry Gap Shelter
F: Stan Murray Shelter 20 mi

30. Wed, APR 5 S: Stan Murray Shelter
F: Apple House Shelter 9.9 mi

31. Thurs, APR 6 S: Apple House Shelter
To: US 19 1.4 mi
F: Elk Park, NC
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Elk Park, NC 28622 2.4 mi off trail (Camp)

32. Fri, APR 7 S: Elk Park, NC 2.4 mi off trail
F: Moreland Gap Shelter 17.7 mi

33. Sat, APR 8 S: Moreland Gap Shelter
F: Watauga Lake Shelter 16.8 mi

34. Sun, APR 9 S: Watauga Lake Shelter
F: Double Springs Shelter 21.2 mi

35. Mon, APR 10 S: Double Springs Shelter (VA/TENN line)
F: Damascus, VA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Damascus, VA 24236 18.3 mi

36. Tues, APR 11 Day off at The Place Hostel 0 mi

37. Wed, APR 12 S: Damascus, VA
F: Lost Mountain Shelter 15.8 mi

38. Thurs, APR 13 S: Lost Mountain Shelter
F: Old Orchard Shelter 23.2 mi

39. Fri, APR 14 S: Old Orchard Shelter
F: Partnership Shelter 24.7 mi

40. Sat, APR 15 S: Partnership Shelter
To: Sugar Grove, VA .1 + 3.4 mi off trail
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Sugar Grove, VA 24375
F: Chatfield Shelter 7.2 + 3.4 mi off trail

41. Sun, APR 16 S: Chatfield Shelter
F: Knot Maul Branch Shelter 18.4 mi

42. Mon, APR 17 S: Knot Maul Branch Shelter
F: Jenkins Shelter 19 mi

43. Tues, APR 18 S: Jenkins Shelter
F: Jenny Knob Shelter 23.6 mi

44. Wed, APR 19 S: Jenny Knob Shelter
F: Wapiti Shelter 14.2 mi

45. Thurs, APR 20 S: Wapiti Shelter
F: Campsite 13.7 mi

46. Fri, APR 21 S: Campsite
To: Pearisburg, VA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Pearisburg, VA 24134 2.5 + 1 mi off trail
F: Rice Field Shelter 7.3 + 1 mi off trail

47. Sat, APR 22 S: Rice Field Shelter
F: War Spur Shelter 25 mi

48. Sun, APR 23 S: War Spur Shelter
F: Niday Shelter 18.2 mi

49. Mon, APR 24 S: Niday Shelter
F: John’s Spring Shelter 23.5 mi

50. Tues, APR 25 S: John’s Spring Shelter
F: Fullhardt Knob Shelter 23.8 mi

51. Wed, APR 26 S: Fullhardt Knob Shelter
F: Cove Mountain Shelter 19.9 mi

52. Thurs, APR 27 S: Cove Mountain Shelter
To: Jennings Creek Jennings Creek Swim Hole
Kim Birchfield
Campstore at
1164 Middle Creek Road
Buchanan, VA 24066 3.2 + 1.4 mi off trail
F: Bryan Ridge Shelter 3.7 + 1.4 mi off trail

53. Fri, APR 28 S: Bryan Ridge Shelter
F: Matts Creek Shelter 22.7 mi

54. Sat, APR 29 S: Matts Creek Shelter
F: Brown Mountain Creek Shelter 21.8 mi

55. Sun, APR 30 S: Brown Mountain Creek Shelter
F: Seeley-Woodworth Shelter 15.8 mi

56. Mon, MAY 1 S: Seeley-Woodworth Shelter
F: Maupin Field Shelter 20.5 mi

57. Tues, MAY 2 S: Maupin Field Shelter
F: Paul C Wolfe Shelter 16.1 mi

58. Wed, MAY 3 S: Paul C Wolfe Shelter
To: Rockfish Gap 5 mi
F: Waynesboro, VA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery

59. Thurs, MAY 4 S: Rockfish Gap
F: Blackrock Hut 20 mi

60. Fri, MAY 5 S: Blackrock Hut
F: Hightop Hut 21.4 mi

61. Sat, MAY 6 S: Hightop Hut
F: Bearfence Mountain Hut 12.4 mi

62. Sun, MAY 7 S: Bearfence Mountain Hut
F: Pass Mountain Hut 27.5 mi

63. Mon, MAY 8 S: Pass Mountain Hut
F: Gravel Springs Hut 13.1 mi

64. Tues, MAY 9 S: gravel Springs Hut
F: Jim and Molly Denton Shelter 18.6 mi

65. Wed, MAY 10 S: Jim and Molly Denton Shelter
To: Linden, VA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Linden, VA 22642 3 + 1 mi off trail
F: Rod Hollow Shelter 15.9 + 1 mi off trail

66. Thurs, MAY 11 S: Rod Hollow Shelter (VA/W VA line)
F: David Lesser Memorial Shelter 21 mi

67. Fri, MAY 12 S: David Lesser Memorial Shelter
F: Harper’s Ferry
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Harper’s Ferry, W VA 25425 8.8 + .5 mi off trail

68. Sat, MAY 13 Harper’s Ferry
69. Sun, MAY 14 Harper’s Ferry

70. Mon, MAY 15 S: Harper’s Ferry (W VA/ MD line)
F: Pine Knob Shelter 23.6 mi

71. Tues, MAY 16 S: Pine Knob Shelter (MD/PA line)
F: Deer Lick Shelter 22.8 mi

72. Wed, MAY 17 S: Deer Lick Shelter
F: Quarry Gap Shelter 15.8 mi

73. Thurs, MAY 18 S: Quarry Gap Shelter
F: Toms Run Shelter 13.6 mi

74. Fri, MAY 19 S: Toms Run Shelter
F: Alec Kennedy Shelter 19.2 mi

75. Sat, MAY 20 S: Alec Kennedy Shelter
To: Boiling Springs, PA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Boiling Springs, PA 17007 3.9 mi
F: Darlington Campsite 12.3 mi

76. Sun, MAY 21 S: Darlington Campsite
F: Clarks Ferry Shelter 15.9 mi

77. Mon, MAY 22 S: Clarks Ferry Shelter
F: Peters Mountain Shelter 6.8 mi

78. Tues, MAY 23 S: Peters Mountain Shelter
F: Rausch Gap Shelter 17.5 mi

79. Wed, MAY 24 S: Rausch Gap Shelter
F: 501 Shelter 17.4 mi

80. Thurs, MAY 25 S: 501 Shelter
F: Eagle’s Nest Shelter 15.1 mi

81. Fri, MAY 26 S: Eagle’s Nest Shelter
F: Port Clinton, PA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Port Clinton, PA 19549 8.6 mi

82. Sat, MAY 27 S: Port Clinton, PA
F: Eckville Shelter 15.2 mi

83. Sun, MAY 28 S: Eckville Shelter
F: Bake Oven Knob Shelter 17.4 mi

84. Mon, MAY 29 S: Bake Oven Knob Shelter
F: Leroy A Smith Shelter 23.5 mi

85. Tues, MAY 30 S: Leroy A Smith Shelter
F: Kirkridge Shelter 13.8 mi

86. Wed, MAY 31 S: Kirkridge Shelter
F: Delaware Water Gap, PA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327 6.4 mi

87. Thurs, JUN 1 S: Delaware Water Gap (PA/NJ line)
F: Brink Road Shelter 24.6 mi

88. Fri, JUN 2 S: Brink Road Shelter
F: High Point Shelter 19.6 mi

89. Sat, JUN 3 S: High Point Shelter
F: Wawayanda Shelter 24.2 mi

90. Sun, JUN 4 S: Wawayanda Shelter (NJ/NY line)
F: Wild Cat Shelter 12 mi

91. Mon, JUN 5 S: Wild Cat Shelter
To: Arden, NY
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Arden, NY 10910 9.9 + .7 mi off trail
F: Fingerboard Shelter 4.4 + .7 mi off trail

92. Tues, JUN 6 S: Fingerboard Shelter
F: Hemlock Springs Campsite 16.4 mi

93. Wed, JUN 7 S: Hemlock Springs Campsite
F: Shenandoah Tenting Area 21.7 mi

94. Thurs, JUN 8 S: Shenandoah Tenting Area
F: Telephone Pioneers Shelter 17.9 mi

95. Fri, JUN 9 S: Telephone Pioneers Shelter (NY/CT line)
F: Mt. Algo Lean-to 22.4 mi

96. Sat, JUN 10 S: Mt. Algo Lean-to
F: Kent, Connecticut
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Kent, Connecticut 06757 .3 + .8 mi off trail

97. Sun, JUN 11 S: Kent, Conn
F: Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to 17.5 mi

98. Mon, JUN 12 S: Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to
F: Riga Lean-to 19.8 mi

99. Tues, JUN 13 S: Riga Lean-to (CT/MA line)
F: Glen Brook Lean-to 10.1 mi

100. Wed, JUN 14 S: Glen Brook Lean-to
F: Mt. Wilcox South Lean-to 19.6 mi

101. Thurs, JUN 15 S: Mt. Wilcox South Lean-to
F: Upper Goose Pond Cabin 15.8 mi

102. Fri, JUN 16 S: Upper Goose Pond Cabin
F: Kay Wood Lean-to 17.6 mi

103. Sat, JUN 17 S: Kay Wood Lean-to
To: Dalton, MA
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Dalton, MA 01226 3 + .3 mi off trail
F: Crystal Mountain Campsite 4.7 + .3 mi off trail

104. Sun, JUN 18 S: Crystal Mountain Campsite
F: Wilbur Clearing Lean-to 15.6 mi

105. Mon, JUN 19 S: Wilbur Clearing Lean-to (MA/VT line)
F: Congdon Shelter 17.1 mi

106. Tues, JUN 20 S: Congdon Shelter
F: Caughnawaga and Kid Gore Shelters 18.7 mi

107. Wed, JUN 21 S: Caughnawaga and Kid Gore Shelters
F: William B. Douglas Shelter 19.9 + .5 mi off trail

108. Thurs, JUN 22 S: William B. Douglas Shelter
F: Lost Pond Shelter 20.6 + .5 mi off trail

109. Fri, JUN 23 S: Lost Pond Shelter
F: Clarendon Shelter 18.6 mi

110. Sat, JUN 24 S: Clarendon Shelter
F: Churchill Scott Shelter 14.5 mi

111. Sun, JUN 25 S: Churchill Scott Shelter
F: Wintturi Shelter 21.8 mi

112. Mon, JUN 26 S: Wintturi Shelter
F: Happy Hill Shelter 20.4 mi

113. Tues, JUN 27 S: Happy Hill Shelter (VT/NH line)
To: Hanover, NH
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Hanover, NH 03755 5.8 mi
F: Velvet Rocks Shelter 1.5 mi

114. Wed, JUN 28 S: Velvet Rocks Shelter
F: Trapper John Shelter 15.2 mi

115. Thurs, JUN 29 S: Trapper John Shelter
F: Ore Hill Shelter 19.7 mi

116. Fri, JUN 30 S: Ore Hill Shelter
F: Beaver Brook Shelter 15.3 mi

117. Sat, JUL 1 S: Beaver Brook Shelter
F: Liberty Spring Tent Site 20.5 mi

118. Sun, JUL 2 S: Liberty Spring Tent Site
F: Guyot Campsite 13.2 mi

119. Mon, JUL 3 S: Guyot Campsite
F: somewhere before Mt. Washington 19 mi

120. Tues, JUL 4 S: somewhere before Mt. Washington
F: Mt. Washington, NH 3 mi

121. Wed, JUL 5 S: Mt. Washington, NH
F: Pinkham Notch
Kim Birchfield
AMC Visitor Center
c/o front desk
N.H. 16
Gorham, NH 03581 13.4 mi

122. Thurs, JUL 6 S: Pinkham Notch
F: Rattle River Shelter 19.2 mi

123. Fri, JUL 7 S: Rattle River Shelter
F: Gentian Pond Campsite 13.7 mi

124. Sat, JUL 8 S: Gentian Pond Campsite (NH/ME line)
F: Full Goose Shelter 9.6 mi

125. Sun, JUL 9 S: Full Goose Shelter
F: Frye Knotch Lean-to 15.5 mi

126. Mon, JUL 10 S: Frye Knotch Lean-to
F: Bemis Mountain Lean-to 23.3 mi

127. Tues, JUL 11 S: Bemis Mountain Lean-to
F: Piazza Rock Lean-to 19.5 mi

128. Wed, JUL 12 S: Piazza Rock Lean-to
F: Spaulding Rock Lean-to 17.1 mi

129. Thurs, JUL 13 S: Spaulding Rock Lean-to
F: Horns Pond Lean-tos 18.6 mi

130. Fri, JUL 14 S: Horns Pond Lean-tos
F: West Carry Pond Lean-to 17.5 mi

131. Sat, JUL 15 S: West Carry Pond Lean-to
F: Pierce Pond Lean-to 10 mi

132. Sun, JUL 16 S: Pierce Pond Lean-to
F: Caratunk, Maine
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Caratunk, ME 04464 4 + .3 mi off trail

133. Mon, JUL 17 S: Caratunk, ME
F: Moxie Bald Lean-to 18.8 + .3 mi off trail

134. Tues, JUL 18 S: Moxie Bald Lean-to
F: Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to 8.9 mi

135. Wed, JUL 19 S: Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to
F: Monson, Maine
Kim Birchfield
General Delivery
Monson, ME 04464 9 + 4 mi off trail

136. Thurs, JUL 20 S: Monson, ME
F: Long Pond Stream Lean-to 15.1 mi

137. Fri, JUL 21 S: Long Pond Stream Lean-to
F: Carl A. Newhall Lean-to 20.8 mi

138. Sat, JUL 22 S: Carl A. Newhall Lean-to
F: Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to 18.9 mi

139. Sun, JUL 23 S: Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to
F: Wadleigh Stream Lean-to 21.5 mi

140. Mon, JUL 24 S: Wadleigh Stream Lean-to
F: Hurd Brook Lean-to 19.6 mi

141. Tues, JUL 25 S: Hurd Brook Lean-to
F: Katahdin Stream Campground 13.4 mi

142. Wed, JUL 26 S: Katahdin Stream Campground
F: Katahdin!! 10.4 + 10.4 mi